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Our mission is to provide staffing services. As such, we ensure that our employees are attentive and knowledgeable about the services that we represent. If you are looking for a change in career or employment. complete an application in the link below and we will get back to you.

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At E Staffing Inc, we believe effective staffing management involves more than simply providing you with the people you need, when you need them. It involves helping you to implement tools and programs that increase the productivity of both your temporary and full-time staff.  What we proposed to do is enable potential clients to have a smooth operation while we focus on the human resource and staffing control with only the best trained team at hand.


When comparing our company to our competitors, it is important to note that because we are a small establishment, we can afford to offer that all-important attention to detail. We promise that whenever a problem may arrive someone will always be on hand to solve it. We vow to accept responsibility and always find a solution.

Employer Savings

  • No Worker's Compensation Claim
  • No Advertising Costs
  • No Recruiting Costs
  • Employer History Checks

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Screening Check
  • Social Security Verification Via: E-Verify
  • Employer Benefits

  • Reference Verifications
  • No Payroll Processing or Taxes
  • No Unemployment Claims
  • Efficient Customer Service

    First class customer service, client input

    and guaranteed efficient response to


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    Our clients are our first priority. Work with us to benefit from our unmatched customer service

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