Commercial Laundry Services

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Knowing what types of services are in your area is valuable to your company’s performance as well as its bottom line. We will do the “legwork” for you and show you all the services available with free quotes. If you are in a rural area, We will do research to find your options.

Commercial Laundry Services 

We match services for these types of businesses:

  • Restaurant Laundry Service including Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Cafes, Pizzeria
  • Medical Laundry Service including Healthcare Sheets and Pillowcases, Surgical Towels, Scrubs
  • Uniform Laundry Service including Automotive, Business, Industrial, Security, Work Wear
  • Hotel Laundry Service including Bed Linens, Bath Towels, Robes, Employee Uniforms
  • Towel Laundry Service including Gyms, Fitness Studios, Salons, Spas, Hotels, Airlines
  • Facility Services including Floor Mats, Chemicals, First Aid, Safety

Once you fill out your company’s information, We  will match your needs with a provider in the area. We will contact you to discuss service and prices. Our service is free to anyone looking for a quote.


Hotel Laundry Services

Hotel laundry service is one of the biggest parts of the operation of a hotel. Hotel laundry includes many kinds of materials. Employee uniforms, bed sheets, pillowcases, robes, and towels are a regular part of the laundry of most hotels. Finding a laundry cleaning service may be one of the many things that are included in a hotel owner’s job. Some hotels have uniforms for their workers. Over time, uniforms may get dirty and when it’s time for them to be cleaned, a laundry company may be helpful. An experienced, knowledgeable laundry cleaning company should be able to offer high quality laundry cleaning service.

Another part of hotel laundry is bed sheets. Bed sheets are an important part of a hotel and guests may enjoy having clean, fresh bed sheets when they check into a hotel. If a hotel has a solid reputation for having nice, clean bed sheets, their customers may continue to return to their hotel. When looking for a laundry cleaning company to clean hotel bed sheets, it may be helpful to try to find a laundry cleaning company that has a solid reputation for offering high quality laundry cleaning services to their customers. 

Some of the other kinds of laundry that hotels have are pillowcases, robes, and towels. Pillowcases, like bed sheets, are pieces of laundry that are important parts of a hotel and guests may enjoy having clean pillowcases, clean robes, and clean towels when they are staying at a hotel.

Restaurant Laundry Services

Whether your business is in fine dining or catering, or is a café or country club, you need to find the best restaurant laundry service available. It’s important to check out several things about a business before you agree to use them. You are already busy trying to order food, get it prepared, satisfy customers and deal with employees; you shouldn’t need to worry about the linen too. That is why there are restaurant laundry services out there. Most definitely, fine dining needs clean, pressed tablecloths and napkins, and the employees need clean, ironed uniforms. Appearance means as much as food. You should hire a restaurant linen service to take care of your chef and kitchen uniforms, napkins, tablecloths, bar and kitchen towels, kitchen and server aprons and floor mats.

Remember, the customer is what makes your business, so you don’t want them having a bad experience because word-of-mouth is the best advertisement but can be just the opposite too. Each customer has their built-in senses when they come to your restaurant, so you want them to leave with you knowing that what they saw, smelled, heard, and felt was satisfying. 

We will supply you with rental products that we will come weekly to pick up and bring clean laundry back. All the products that you order from us are made from different fabrics and each one requires different care to be cleaned. This is exactly why you should have a restaurant laundry service to take care of all this for you. The company you hire should give you excellent service that fits your budget, and we do that, we would love to give you good service and have your business.


  • Restaurant Linen & Laundry
  • Restaurant Tablecloth Service
  • Restaurant Supply Napkins
  • Restaurant Linen Cleaning Service
  • Bar Towel Laundry Service

Towel Laundry Services

Towel laundry service is essential for many different industries and companies. Whether you own a hotel, a gym, a Airline or a restaurant, our towel service can help you offer your customers clean, ready-to-use towels. Hotels have many things that go into their day-to-day operation. One of those things is towel maintenance. Guests of hotels want to have fresh, clean towels ready for them to use when they stay at a hotel. Guests of hotels may use towels while washing up or while they are working out. To offer guests a comfortable and pleasant stay, a hotel should provide guests with high quality towels that will persuade them to either come back or leave a positive review. 

Gyms also have a use for towels and towel cleaning services. When some people work out, they may want to have a towel ready to dry themselves off during and after their workout. If they have access to clean, fresh towels, they may find that they enjoy their time at the gym where they are working out even more. Our towel cleaning service can help your business offer your customers a very nice towel usage experience.

Another type of business that may find towel cleaning services useful is the restaurant industry. In restaurants, towels are used by the employees. Chefs and restaurant cleaning staff use towels throughout the day, and it’s essential for them to have clean towels to use. Towel laundry is essential to prevent cross contamination in the kitchen and on the tables that guests dine. If you are looking for a high-quality towel laundry service, you can find it with us. We can be contacted by phone or by filling out our online form.


  • Spa Towel Laundry
  • Massage Towel Laundry
  • White Towel Laundry
  • Towel Laundry Companies
  • Shop Rag Laundry Service
  • Rag Washing Service